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League of Legends accounted for nearly a quarter of PC gamers' play time last month

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League of Legends accounted for a whopping 22.54 percent of PC gamers' play time this September, according to Raptr. It's the MOBA version of World of Warcraft, basically - totally dominant.

DoTA2 may have had the biggest prize fund for its major competition, but it's still LoL leading the way in terms of eSports prominence and sheer numbers playing.

Korean team Samsung White secures League of Legends 2014 World Championship title

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Korean team Samsung White claimed the League of Legends World Championship 2014 title yesterday, heading home with $1 million in prize money.

They defeated Star Horn Royal Club 3-1 in a fairly one-sided final that you can read more about over on the League of Legends e-sport website.

League of Legends gets new mode and new hero in Shurima update

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Riot Games might be hard at work redoing the entire League of Legends lore, but they've still got time to pump out new events, modes and maps.

'Shurima' introduces an all new desert continent, which is home to new champion Azir and a brand new game mode called Ascension.

Latest League of Legends hero Azir lets his minions do the fighting

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The latest addition to the League of Legends roster is Azir, the Emperor of the sands. He's a wizardy type who likes to summon soldiers to take care of battles for him. I think that would be my ideal approach to warfare too.

According to a profile page over on the LoL website Azir relies on his minions for raw damage, while using spells to "manipulate his and his soldiers’ positions to keep him safe and establish dangerous no-go zones for his enemies"

"Extremely toxic" League of Legends players will be subject to lengthy, possibly permanent bans

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Riot Games is tackling the ongoing problem of toxic, offensive behaviour by some of its League of Legends player base head on.

Jeffrey Lin, Riot's lead social designer announced over Twitter that players found guilty of "extreme toxicity" will be subject to fourteen-day bans, stretching to permanent bans for repeat or particularly extreme offenders.

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