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Premium customers across all platforms now qualify for Battlefield 4 CTE

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Developer DICE has announced today that every Battlefield Premium customer now qualifies for access to Battlefield 4′s Community Test Environment.

That means, slightly oddly, that console owners of a Premium account qualify for the Battlefield 4 CTE on PC, by virtue of the fact that there's no equivalent system on other platforms.

Battlefield 4 single player trailer released, dog punched

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It's not all about online chums, chumming around in tanks and knocking down Chinese skyscrapers. DICE has now released the trailer for the "intense and dramatic" single player portion of Battlefield 4.

What starts out as an evac of American VIPs soon spirals into sinking aircraft carriers, dog punching and our squad looking to get home. DICE promise less linearity.

EA releases 'Anthem' TV trailer for Battlefield 4

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DICE counter-strikes Activision's fancy launch trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts with their own Anthem TV trailer for Battlefield 4, using a live action human and stuff to pump up our interest in the run up to release.

It's a montage of gameplay with guns firing, walls breaking, water sploshing, jets flying, skyscrapers tipping, ...a lot is going on. Next week Battlefield 4 releases on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

DICE explains "deepest online career ever" in Battlefield 4

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Ribbons, medals, insignias, ranks... all these have become intrinsically tied to the Battlefield franchise as the 'online career' gets pushed and expanded further and further with each new release. What's changed?

DICE has a lengthy blog in their 'The Road to Battlefield 4' series, with the studio explaining they wanted to make sure players had "goals to aspire to at the end game".

Report: Next Battlefield due in "just a few years" featuring "more destruction"

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Battlefield 4? Pfft. DICE's Patrick Bach has confirmed that 'Battlefield 5' will be rolling out even "more destruction" than this month's old timey Battlefield 4, and it'll being do so in "just a few years" time.

It should arrive once Battlefield 4's 12 months of Premium content has dried up. Bach remarked that "every new game needs to be the next big thing," and 5 is so bigger than 4, and math agrees.

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