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Alistair "not a party member" in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Morrigan art released

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Executive producer Mark Darrah has confirmed that Dragon Age: Origin's Alistair is "not a party member" for the Inquisitor in the upcoming sequel, but that doesn't rule out a possible cameo appearance.

BioWare has also announced an initiative to help fan artists and cosplayers by releasing "detailed, descriptive, high-resolution character designs" before it launches.

Dragon Age Keep will allow players to customize Dragon Age: Inquisition backstory

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BioWare has announced Dragon Age Keep, which will serve the same function as the interactive comics from the Mass Effect series, allowing players who did not play the previous games - or people who just want to tailor the backstory - have a backstory for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Dragon Age: Inquisition reintroduces multiple races, includes mounts and sieges

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According to a new Game Informer piece on BioWare's Dragon Age: Inquisition, multiple races make a return in the third full entry to the franchise, once again letting player characters be more than just human.

While the game world isn't strictly open-world, much like previous titles, it is large enough to warrant the introduction of mounts. We'll also lay siege to fortresses and repair bridges with magic!

Dragon Age saves "absolutely come across" to Inquisition despite next-gen

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The silly fact that your Dragon Age: Inquisition may very well be on a platform that's never before see some Mage on Templar action before won't stop BioWare from infusing your past adventures.

Producer Cameron Lee attending PAX Australia has confirmed that Dragon Age: Origins and DA2 saves "absolutely come across" and that decisions will matter, but it won't be "reliant" on them.

EA's Online Passes now free on Xbox Live, includes Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor

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Now that EA has abolished their Online Pass system the back catalogue for activating second-hand copies for multiplayer via Xbox Live have all dropped their costs. The one-time codes no longer terrorise gamers.

That means online components and 'exclusive' VIP content can be enjoyed by all, once again. Price drops include The Stone Prisoner for Dragon Age: Origins which was a mugging of 1200 MSP.

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