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Blizzard warns cheaters of permanent bans, encourages players to report suspicious behaviour

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Blizzard has posted on its official blog regarding cheating in StarCraft 2, threatening those who get caught using hacks or mods with permanent bans.

The developer warns potential cheaters that it has multiple ways of detecting foul play, and encourages those who feel they've seen a suspected cheat to come to them with any information.

Zagara from StarCraft 2 joins Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm MOBA

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Zagara, the zerg broodmother from StarCraft 2, is joining Blizzard's cross-IP Heroes of the Storm MOBA.

According to her website bio, Zagara "takes on the role of a Specialist who excels at infesting lanes with creep to aid her in pushing lanes."

Blizzard post StarCraft II 2.1.2 patch notes, releasing "throughout the week"

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The latest patch for real-time strategy StarCraft II is due out this week for all regions and Blizzard has now revealed what tweaks it has inside. This particular patch focuses mostly on the Friends List.

Our list of chums should now "sort correctly based on friend type," and chat messages appear if you're set to 'Busy'. The counter for new messages should also work properly.

BlizzCon 2014 scheduled for November 7-8, first ticket sales May 8th

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Prepare yourself for the eighth BlizzCon event where this November Anaheim will endure "two relentless days" of all things Blizzard. The event begins Friday, November 7th with hands-on, games, and eSports.

The first batch of tickets go on sale May 8th, and they'll last all of 3 picoseconds. You're better off trying for the second batch on May 10th for a window of opportunity lasting 5 picoseconds!

Blizzard's online game services disrupted by DDos attacks

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Diablo, World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Hearthstone players might be affected by high latency and disconnections according to Blizzard, after a series of DDoS attacks on European online servers. Although the attacks aren't directed specifically at Blizzard, the publisher's online games have been affected as a result.

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