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Tales from the Borderlands Summary

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Telltale unleashing their "pent up comedy" in Tales from the Borderlands

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Things have been a little serious lately over at Telltale Games and they've got "all this pent up comedy in boxes" around the office. Tales from the Borderlands will let them open them.

There are two protagonists in this adventure based off Gearbox's Borderlands, and each are big time liars twisting the story. We choose which porkies we like best.

New info released about Tales from the Borderlands by Telltale Games and Gearbox

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Telltale Games has released new information alongside Gearbox Software about the studio collaboration Tales from the Borderlands, which marries Telltale's expert storytelling and adventure game know-how with Gearbox's vibrant Borderlands series.

Telltale Games and Gearbox collaborate to bring Tales from the Borderlands

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Game of Thrones isn't the only adventure game that Telltale Games debuted at the Spike TV Videogame Awards, as they released a trailer for their collaboration with Gearbox Software, Tales from the Borderlands.

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